The East Frisian Islands

BÖSKUPP VAN OOSTFREESLAND (engl.: Message from East Frisia)

What kind of land gives its children names like Ubbo, Dorjes and Siefke? Loves its national sport of "Boßeln"? Has kitchens smelling of "Snirtjebraa" and "Krintstuut"? There are plenty of people who believe that the land behind the dykes in the north of Germany is a mystical place. The island world of East Frisia – powerful, and yet stretching gently across 90 km off Germany's North Sea coast. Golden beaches, green marram grass swaying in the breeze, silver thistles, windswept brick cottages and thousands of maritime blues characterise its palette. The honest, sometimes austere and fragile beauty of East Frisia is expressed more easily in  images than in grand words. It is immensely proud of its islands but in a characteristically understated way – seven characters aligned like pearls in the sea. The very individual personalities of the islands create a septet of contrasts.

All seven offer the best seats in the house with a sea view for the great theatre of clouds,  with the North Sea always playing first violin, of course. Other common features include their shore climate, their overwhelming beach and dune landscapes, their peaceful idylls and their excellent, often award-winning facilities for health, thalassotherapy, wellness and culture and outstanding restaurants and hotels in the heart of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site. The seven natural beauties of Borkum, Juist, Norderney, Baltrum, Langeoog, Spiekerooog and Wangerooge are the inspiration for leisurely days that follow the cycle of the tides. The land behind the dykes is keen to win over every heart with its northern soul.

BORKUM - The climate of the high seas & more

Borkum is the largest of the East Frisian Islands. Its position in relation to the Gulf Stream and the coast creates the uniquely pure, iodine-rich ocean climate. In 2013, Borkum was awarded the ECARF quality seal as Europe's first allergy-friendly island. The facilities and services surrounding health and well-being are correspondingly excellent. A varied programme of culture and events, thalassotherapy and pure beach relaxation over 26 km are a guarantee of a happy holiday in the middle of the North Sea.

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JUIST - The magical land

Juist, known locally as “Töwerland“, invites you to journey back in time to the world of horse- drawn carriages, handcarts and summer island pleasures. But Juist's sustainability strategy is anything but nostalgic: the island is turning itself into the first climate-neutral travel destination in the world. Juist is only 500 m wide and 17 km long. The natural landscape of dunes and beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, are an invitation to experience moments of freedom in unspoilt nature that will extend your horizons.

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NORDERNEY - Thalassotherapy and savoir vivre

Norderney, established in 1797 as the first German seaside resort, immediately became the place to be seen for the nobility and crowned heads of Europe. Along with the virtually endless landscapes of dunes and beaches, the island, spanning 26 km2, awaits its visitors with urban flair, historical architecture and the charm of a sophisticated and culturally ambitious summer and bathing paradise. The bade:haus norderney is the largest thalassotherapy centre in Europe. It adds the finishing touch to the island's premium health facilities.

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BALTRUM - The Sleeping Beauty of the North Sea

5 km long and 1.5 km wide, Baltrum is the smallest East Frisian Island, earning it the affectionate names of the "island of short distances" and "Sleeping Beauty". As far as sport, wellness, gastronomy and variety of experience are concerned the dreamy princess is certainly on the ball: thus, for example, ideal kite, surfing, SUP and canoeing conditions await the water sports enthusiast. Riders will love the "Ponte Rosa" and bathing fans will enjoy the family atmosphere of the sandy beaches around Baltrum.

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LANGEOOG - Relaxation East Frisian style

The certified North Sea thalassotherapy spa of Langeoog is the epitome of healthy holidays that are rich in experience in an area covering 20 km2 of unspoilt island nature. 14 km of sandy beaches, salt marshes, pastures and untouched dune landscapes are an invitation to explore the car-free "Island of Life" in relaxed fashion on foot or by bike. A colourful little railway takes lucky visitor who are "stranded" on Langeoog to the charming island resort to enjoy some hearty Frisian hospitality.

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SPIEKEROOG - An island with a green soul

Spiekeroog has been a certified North Sea thalassotherapy spa since 2015. Its lush trees, home to a rich world of animals and plants, and wide salt marshes predestined it to become the Green Island. East Frisia's highest "mountain", the 24 m high Wittdün, can also be found here. A horse- drawn museum tramway – the only railway in Germany that is still being drawn by horses – takes visitors into the village in a nostalgic and original way, where they can find genuine island charm, art, culture and creativity. 

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WANGEROOGE - Impressions of an idyll

Three lighthouses of historical interest point the way to Wangerooge in the east of the island chain. Unspoilt nature, sophisticated spa and thalassotherapy facilities, the picturesque island village and Wangerooge's beaches guarantee relaxation and regeneration. Sport, fun and games combine and close encounters with the flora and fauna of the Wadden Sea will turn every moment of your holiday into a very special day.

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The Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park off the North Sea coast has been protected as a national park since 1986. In 1993, UNESCO declared it a biosphere reserve. Since recognition of the Wadden Sea as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009, the unique natural and cultural landscape and the thousands of animal and plant species, some of them indigenous, have finally been able to enjoy unlimited protection. The Wadden Sea is a miraculous world. It shows how readily nature, plants and animals adapt to conditions in the mud flats. Where fresh and salt water mix and where natural forces and the tides predominate, the interested visitor can experience a wide variety of animals and habitats in which to hatch, suckle and rear their young, moult and roost. Above it all stand the power of tranquillity and the eternal beauty of the sea.

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Thalasso is derived from the Greek word "Thalassa", meaning sea. The name says it all:authentic thalassotherapy is only available by the sea. It covers a wide range of treatments and therapies using the elements of the North Sea air (which is largely dust, pollen and allergen-free and contains salts and minerals, particularly in the area where the surf breaks) and, in particular, seawater, algae, mud and sea salt. Every beach walk, every swim in the North Sea, every breath on the East Frisian Islands is s form of thalassotherapy. In addition, the thalassotherapy centres, selected hotels and all of the premium establishments on the island offer thalassotherapy applications and products, aqua fitness and sea water bathing, showers and massages, cuisine rich in algae and much more. The gifts of the sea for health, beauty and balance – detox for body and soul on some of the most beautiful beaches along the German North Sea coast.